The 2018 International Conference on Cyber Conflict U.S. (CyCon U.S.) will take place 14-15 Nov 2018 at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C.

This year's theme is Cyber Conflict during Competition. CyCon U.S. seeks technical, legal, political, and military positions and research related to Cyber Conflict during competition.

 “Inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in U.S. national security.”[1] During competition, U.S. and Allied forces actively campaign to advance and defend national interests in an environment that is short of armed conflict. Adversaries are increasing activities to separate alliances, devalue partnerships, and challenge traditional methods of deterrence by conducting operations that make unclear the distinctions between peace and war.[2] These actions include political, economic, informational, and military efforts that exceed steady-state diplomacy, yet are short of violence.  Conflict during competition combine cyber, electronic, and information operations to infiltrate systems and infrastructure, influence the sentiments of the populace and national decision makers, destabilize partners and allies, and set conditions for a 'fait accompli' campaign with conventional forces. How democratic state and non-state actors anticipate, adapt, and innovate during competition will dictate the success of the democratic world and its citizens.

 CyCon U.S. is a premier conference on cyber conflict. It provides a venue for fresh ideas, relevant and actionable content, insight into future trends, and access to industry, government, and military leaders, cyber innovators, and pioneers in the discipline. The conference promotes multidisciplinary cyber initiatives and furthers research and cooperation on cyber threats and opportunities. 


CyCon U.S. is a collaborative effort between the Army Cyber Institute at the United States Military Academy and the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.  CyCon U.S. complements the CyCon Conference held every spring in Estonia.


[1] 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States of America

[2] Paraphrased from Multi-Domain Battle: Evolution of Combined Arms for the 21st Century 2025-2040

Featured Speakers

Merle MaigreMV

MG Renner

Dana “Keoki” Jackson Merle Maigre Major General Wolfgang Renner
Chief Technology Officer for Lockheed Martin Executive Vice President for Government Relations at CybExer Technologies Deputy Chief of Staff Cyberspace, SHAPE
Dmitri Stamos2  LtGen Vincent R. Stewart_v2 
Dmitri Alperovitch Alex Stamos LtGen Vincent R. Stewart
Co-Founder and CTO
of CrowdStrike, Inc.
William J. Perry Fellow of Stanford University Deputy Commander, U.S. Cyber Command
PeterWSinger-highres2 terras
P.W. Singer General Riho Terras  
Author and 
Strategist at New America
Chief of Defence, Estonia  

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